Saturday 20 December 2014

Duck hash

I read this post of Danny's, on the duck hash he'd had at Clerkenwell Kitchen, and it struck me as an astonishingly good idea.

I think, in its most perfect form, it would have consisted mostly of leftovers. And indeed, I am hoping to have some leftover goose after Christmas to make it again. But for this one, I roasted a couple of duck breasts.

Then the rest was quick and easy. I sauteed onion and garlic in the fat that had rendered out of the duck breasts while they roasted. I added shredded spring greens, the chopped duck, and some par-boiled potatoes. I seasoned with shreds of spiced pickled oranges, and a good splash of Worcestershire sauce, and a lot of black pepper. I pressed down on it with a spatula to encourage it to meld together and form a bit of a crust on the bottom. And then, because this sort of dish is always better with an egg, I topped each portion with a fried egg and some sliced spring onions.


Barbara said...

Totally divine hash. I love I wish we were having it for dinner.

grace said...

oh yeah, this sounds satisfying! and while i've never eaten goose, i imagine it'd be delectable with that too!


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