Tuesday 13 May 2008

Bambi Burgers

After an afternoon tea packed with marmalade cake, peppermint crisp tart (a South African "fridge tart" dessert on the far side of cloying) and quite a few cucumber sandwiches, I wanted something savoury and fairly light for dinner.

The BBQ again came to the rescue. A couple of packets of Sainsbury venison burgers, a tray of asparagus and a bottle of excellent Cornish sparkling wine was a very fine Sunday meal! BBQing the asparagus was something we hadn't tried before, but it was delicious. Will be even better with some of the really fat spears.


HH said...

Looks lovely FC. I love BBQed asparagus, one of my favourite ways. Sometimes I will coat them in lemon, olive oil and garlic first, which is a nice change.

Alicia Foodycat said...

We hardly ever put anything on food before it goes on the BBQ - some oil on the aubergine and that is about all. I find most marinades just burn. But I will certainly try doing my asparagus your way next time!

Heather said...

Just my kind of meal! English asparagus season has just begun, yeah?

I just cooked some venison last week. I usually just make bolognese with the mince (I grind the less-than ideal cuts), but burgers sound fantastic.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Yup - just begun! We've got about another month or 6 weeks of lovely asparagus meals.

I used to make bolognaise with kangaroo mince at home - harder to get in England! But my husband thinks he has found someone who shoots and can get us whole haunches of venison, so I look forward to making mince. Maybe some venison sausage too!


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