Thursday 14 August 2008

School Holiday Treat - Ultimate salt beef sandwich

I really should have taken this picture when it was in full glory on the plate, not sitting there almost finished, a shadow of itself.

Anyway. Lunch this week with a teacher pal (Jude, of the famous Jude's thighs) to celebrate the fact that it is school holidays and she can play during the day. 32 Great Queen St - because we can.

I started with brawn fritters. Now, I don't know if the brawn was in fact made from pig's head, but if it was then it was the most user-friendly introduction to pig's head that you can imagine. Richly flavoured succulent shreds of meat encased in sturdy breading and deepfried to a chestnut brown. Very rich, but thoroughly delicious.

My main, was simply described as Hereford brisket, dripping toast, pickles. What emerged was the best salt beef sandwich ever. Thin, robust toast, crisped with dripping, topped with a goodly measure of sauerkraut and slices of gruyere, then covered with the most divinely tender salt brisket, crisscrossed with german mustard. On the side, a gherkin and a pickled chilli. I could have eaten two, only I wanted to leave room for pudding.


Just Cook It said...

Great to see the 'nose to tail' philosophy working! I'm massively intrigued by brawn and can't wait to try it. The meal sounds great.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Alex, you've got to try 32 Great Queen St next time you are in London! They are heavily influenced by the nose to tail idea - the other bit of the Hereford that they had on the menu was a daube of shin.

Heather said...

That sounds kind of like the Reuben I had today, actually. Nothing beats a good sammich.

Alicia Foodycat said...

I guess the cheese and sauerkraut does make it a reuben. All I know is that it was a genius sandwich!


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