Friday 4 April 2008

Spanish Food 2

Life looks better after breakfast. Especially when breakfast consists of a lovely toasted roll, filled with good sliced serrano ham and drizzled with olive oil. And quite a lot of coffee.

I was a bit perplexed by the hams at first. They are everywhere, hanging from the roof - trotters intact - but they all had funny plastic cones hanging from the bottom of them.
And then I asked and was informed that it is a drip catcher because the fat melts in hot weather and trickles down. Sounds most unhygenic and I can't imagine that it would be allowed in Britain but no matter, the ham was delicious!

But even on a solid breakfast, after some hours of wandering around Seville, it hits beer o'clock and thoughts turn again to food. My friends really wanted to go to one bar (just off the Plaza Alfalfa) but it seemed to be closed. So we stood at the bar at another place and had a quick beer and I turned down the snails. I've had snails before - Burgundy-style, smothered in garlic and parsley butter - but these were a bit too anatomically exact. They still had horns. And faces. I couldn't do it. So we went on to another bar, which previously wasn't very good apparently, but is now under new management.

Well. The new management seem to be kicking goals. We had most delicious cazon en adobo - marinated fried fish, really beautiful tortillitas de camarones - shrimp fritters, a fantastic dish of pork in garlic and sherry and I was introduced to the healthy and charming idea of ordering a plate of tomatoes to accompany rich fried fish. Simply dressed at the table with a little salt and olive oil, it was lovely, and set us up nicely for the next meal!

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HH said...

I am starving reading this!! The food all sounds and looks gorgeous!!


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