Sunday 30 March 2008

Spanish Food

I'm 3 days into a 5 day Spanish holiday and I am running out of mental space to remember the food! Hopefully when I upload my photos I'll remember more.

Had 2 nights in Segovia, where the roasting of meat is more than a passion. There are regulatory bodies and everything. First night roast suckling pig, second night roast baby lamb. Both amazing! I never thought that lamb skin could crackle as much as pork skin. Succulent, tender, simply seasoned and served absolutely plain, but they do this ceremonial carving of the suckling pig, carrying it to the centre of the room and chopping it into pieces with the side of a bread and butter plate. We had a couple of tapas; tasty but not that special. This one was a chicken mayonnaise topped with cubes of ham, roasted peppers and lightly caramelised onions.
I am being guided by a hard-core foody with a love for Spain, so I am eating things I probably wouldn't have ordered for myself, but I am loving. The pickled fish sandwich for breakfast being a case in point. Boquerones - fat white fresh anchovies - marinated in oil, garlic and a mild vinegar, are a common tapas dish here. But they also stuff them into crusty white rolls and eat them at breakfast. Delicious!

We're in Seville now. We've had lovely fat mussels, pork loin cooked in whisky in a bread roll, lovely cheese, a sort of ham made from tuna, more lovely cheese and an extraordinary sauce/dip sort of condiment called salmorejo, topped with shaved bacalao. And that was just lunch...
The tuna "ham" is the rectangular bits inthe middle of the pic. Delicious, but disconcerting to the semi-veggie with us.


mscrankypants said...

Any desserts? :-)

Alicia Foodycat said...

Not a whole lot of sweet stuff - too full of savoury! One thing that was fab after the rich roasted meat was lemon sorbet, blended with something boozy (maybe vodka) and cava into a slushy. And the other thing which I really liked was a sort of French toast which is traditional for Holy Week, where you beat up your eggs with a lot of sherry and soak the bread in that before frying. Yum!


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