Saturday 5 April 2008

More Spanish food

We knew the last day in Seville was going to be busy. So much more food to eat, so many shoes to buy. We walked to the Plaza de Espana - site of the 1929 Ibero -American Exposition. I'm afraid that it has to be said that it leaves the site of Brisbane's Expo '88 for dead.

Then a climb up the bell-tower of Seville's Cathedral. Used to be the minaret of a mosque and has a ramp instead of stairs because the Moorish prince who built it liked to ride his horse up, so I am told. The ramp makes for an easier climb, but descending in a half-crouch has led to very uncomfortable quadruceps. I like my ecclesiastical art and architecture a bit more austere and certainly less bloodthirsty. Do you actually need the severed trachea and vertebrae on your sculpture of John the Baptist's head? I think not, any more than we needed St Agatha holding her severed breast by the nipple in Segovia's alcazar chapel.

Clearly after that it was lunchtime. We made our penultimate visit to Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas - whose serviettes proudly proclaim "Especialidad en pringa tortillita de bacalao". Our light lunchtime snack consisted of berenjenas con miel (delicious slices of fried aubergine drizzled with honey), tiny clams in an oily, savoury sauce, rabbit cooked with garlic and sherry and a glass of gazpacho.


mscrankypants said...

I am the fussiest eggplant eater on this planet, but I'm going to start swimming to Spain now. Wonderful blog entries.

SSS said...

Aubergine and honey......sounds gorgeous!

HH said...

PHWOAR! To the food! I agree that aubergine looks to die for! As does the Spanish foody break in general.


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