Tuesday 24 August 2010

Denhay Bacon

I was recently sent some samples* of Denhay's British dry-cured bacon from both their own and their spoiltpig range.

Now, as you may have noticed, I really like bacon. I've made my own a couple of times, I consider it a household staple and I have a great deal of appreciation for the folks who take the time to make a good one, so I was very keen to put the Denhay product through its paces.

The first cab out of the rank was the spoiltpig smoked back bacon. I simply fried it and served it with some hot, fresh Staffordshire oatcakes (an oaty, yeast-raised pancake) and some roasted tomatoes with a saffron-labneh dressing.

My only criticism of the bacon is that it is cut too thinly. I like quite a thick cut bacon. Aside from that, it crisped well, it didn't sweat or shrink in the pan, and it had an excellent long, porky flavour. It tastes like a very straightforward salt cure; the flavour doesn't have the complexity of honey or maple syrup cures, but it was a nice change not to have the extra layer of sweetness.

The next product to get a run was the Denhay smoked streaky bacon. To showcase it, I made an Alsatian flammek├╝che - a flat pastry tarte topped with white cheese (I used home made labneh), onions and bacon. It made a really lovely alternative to bacon and eggs for a Sunday brunch! Rich and delicious, the subtle smokiness of the bacon was just the thing. And unlike a lot of other streaky bacon, this wasn't too fatty.

The final sample I ate by myself, while Paul was away. This was the unsmoked streaky bacon. A tomato, spinach and bacon hash, topped with poached eggs, and a courgette carbonara (eaten out of a bowl this time) were both very good ways to experience this bacon. I don't often buy unsmoked bacon, because I love smoky flavours, but this added a very nice savouryness to both dishes.

The Denhay and spoiltpig brands are definitely worth looking out for, although I'll have to see if I can find their medium-cut bacon, to see if the thickness is more to my taste.

* I was not paid to write about their products and no agreement was made as to what, if anything, I should say. These are my own views.


Jenny said...

That all looks fantastic Foody. You reminded me that I still haven't made any more labneh to try that tomato dish. I like the look of your flammek├╝che, do you have a recommended recipe? Google is providing a lot of dough bases but I fancy pastry as you said.

kat said...

Oh man do I like a good bacon too but I'm with you I like it cut on the thicker size.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Jenny - I was actually looking at that photo thinking I had to make the tomatoes again! Just follow a recipe using pastry instead. So much lighter.

Kat - exactly. You need something to bite.

Foodjunkie said...

Sounds like a bacon extravaganza! I agree with you on the thicker cut bacon, it tastes so much better.

Deb in Hawaii said...

All of it looks amazing but I'll have two portions of the hash please. ;-)

Alicia Foodycat said...

Jo - I want to know who these people are who like thin bacon!

Deb - that hash is so amazing. I think I originally got the recipe from Esi.

Caroline said...

Oooh, yum, bacon!!! They all look like lovely dishes to showcase delicious bacon!

Jude said...

*Puts hand up*. I like thin, very crispy bacon!! I so like medium cut and thick cut though.

Flammekuche. Yum!

Anonymous said...

hello, i tried a dish in a resturant at disneyland paris a while ago and just spent an hour trying to find what it was called. Got to your site - Flammekuche!! It was a lovely snack and my daughter loved it! i really need to know how to make it! looks easy, but im no chef! please help.

Alicia Foodycat said...

C - thanks!

Jude - now you come to mention it, I think bacon sandwiches are better with thin bacon.

Anonymous - Roll out a sheet of shortcrust pastry (I like Jus-Rol all-butter), mix 1/2 tub soft philly with an egg, pepper & nutmeg & spread it on the base. Top with bacon and thinly sliced onions. Bake until golden!


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