Thursday, 14 January 2016

Eating your colours - vegetable plate

No idea where "eat your colo(u)rs" first came from, and I don't care enough to do the research, but as I understand it, it means that if you eat lots of different coloured vegetables, you'll get the maximum range of micronutrients. I'd planned a mostly vegetable dinner but it was only when I started cooking that I realised none of my veg were their usual colour. My kale was purple, tomatoes golden and beetroot candy-striped. Delicious and very pretty, so it has to be good for you.

The best thing, apparently, for the candy striped beetroot is to have it raw and sliced horizontally. But it was too cold for a cold salad, so I cooked them, which turned them a wonderful sunset ombré with paler stripes, cut them into wedges, dressed them with a bit of honey and white balsamic and topped them with grilled goats cheese. It reminds me of rhubarb and custard. Which is something else I must make soon...

The tomatoes were dressed with harissa and saffron and then roasted, a la Diana Henry's recipe.

And I braised the kale with garlic and stock, then added some canned cannelini beans, smoked anchovies and finished it with a good spritz of lemon juice.

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grace said...

that's a beautiful plate of food, nutritious or not! what a nice bonus that IS healthy though. :)


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