Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vegetarian curries for meat-free week

... not that we have been having a meat-free week. Paul's happy with the occasional meat-free dinner, but a whole week would be pushing the friendship.

But since we've been eating so many curries recently, and India has produced some of the best meat-free dishes in the world, I thought I should make a vegetarian curry meal. Mushroom tikka masala, egg pepper fry, some naan flavoured with kalonji and some cucumber raita. All delicious.


Faux Fuchsia said...

looks freaking DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Carry on and let me know about Fashion on the Ration! xxxx

wildtomato said...

Lovely! I've been eliminating a lot of animal products from our meals, and just like an omnivorous diet, if you plan it out and give it some thought, everyone is satisfied. Indian curries have made many appearances on the plate.

Joanne said...

Indian food is the best for vegetarian eating since it's so tasty! Love this!


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