Tuesday 4 March 2014

Yorkshire pudding

I'm not posting about pancakes today. I know - bad blogger! We did have pancakes over the weekend, baked with a delicious savoury four cheese and spinach filling. Unfortunately they didn't look appetising in the dish, and when served looked slightly pre-digested.

But, in the spirit of getting behind the egg-and-milk-using-up nature of Shrove Tuesday, I thought I'd show you the progress I am making with Yorkshire puddings. This is to Felicity Cloake's recipe, and is definitely an improvement on the last time I made them! I think the dripping could have been a little hotter before I started. It did sizzle when the batter hit it, but only a little bit.

There is more work to be done! But these were not bad at all.


grace said...

i've only had yorkshire pudding once, and i'm not sure it was authentic at all. yours looks great and makes me want a legitimate sampling!

Alicia Foodycat said...

To be honest, I think most popover or Dutch baby recipes that I have seen on American blogs are closer to Yorkshire pudding than the Yorkshire pudding recipes! It's really how the batter behaves when it hits the hot fat that makes it special.


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