Thursday 12 September 2013

Two meals inspired by Jamie Oliver

A couple of weeks ago, I was perusing youtube while I ate my lunch and came across an episode of Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals. To be honest, when that series first aired, I didn't pay very much attention because I like cooking too much and never have the time pressure to produce a meal in only 15 minutes. But the sausage gnocchi and warm bean salad looked really delicious, so I decided to give it a go.

Then of course I realised that if I did both dishes we'd have loads of leftovers, so I decided to split them over two meals.

The sausage gnocchi, even though I reduced the fennel seeds to just less than 1tsp, was way too fennel-y. I think 1/2tsp of toasted and slightly crushed fennel seeds would have been nicer to eat. It was also very soupy. I think if I make this again I won't pre-cook the gnocchi, just let it poach in the sauce. I wasn't timing it, but this can't have taken much more than 15 minutes to make, because Paul was very surprised that tea was ready so soon.
The bean and greens salad was a great accompaniment to a barbecued onglet, although I think I would have preferred it to be just beans or just cabbagey things, rather than the combination. It would also make a nice meal on its own, with some good bread and butter.
These were both good dishes to add to the repertoire. I think this really is Jamie Oliver's strength - he is a very good cookery teacher, and has very good ideas about combining flavours in very approachable ways. If he sticks to that instead of saying ignorant and inflammatory things about poverty, I think it'll be a good thing.


Joanne said...

I am amazed that you really got these done in 15 minutes! Impressive.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Both dishes look amazing for 15-minutes. I do enjoy Jamie's style and recipe combinations too. ;-)

grace said...

oh, jamie. why'd you have to go and ruin my very high opinion of you? sigh.
glad to know youtube is good for something. :)

Alicia Foodycat said...

Joanne - they really are clever recipes.

Deb - I was impressed too.

Grace - yeah, having to back down and say he didn't mean it like that, after all those years in the media? Very disappointing!

Sue/the view from great island said...

I'll eat ANYTHING that man cooks Love him, and love these recipes.


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