Wednesday 4 September 2013

Pepper Pig Torta

I've posted before on what a brilliant sandwich the torta is. So when I bought some of Turner and George's (formerly known as East London Steak Co - I'm not being unfaithful, they changed their name!) Pepper Pigs, it was with the torta firmly in mind.

Unfortunately, Paul & I both need to lose a bit of weight, so we cut out a few elements, although I do appreciate that a sausage and guacamole sandwich is not obvious diet food. So my refried beans were not made with lashings of lard, just a small splash of olive oil, and very little added salt. The split buns were just toasted, not fried in the fat from the sausages. And instead of smearing the toasted bread with chipotle mayo, I added a bit of Gran Luchito chilli paste to the guacamole. The sausages themselves had so much flavour that I honestly didn't miss the mayo and lard.
Pepper Pig Torta - I assume someone at T&G has a sense of humour and a toddler!


Amy said...

This is a very interesting looking sandwich! I haven't seen this combination before.

Angie's Recipes said...

Talk about the soul food! The sandwich looks utterly delicious!

grace said...

oooh, i like this one! i'm tempted to put guacamole on everything, and i'm sure it's a nice fit here!


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