Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Presto Pasta Nights - Farewell!

So here it is - the very last Presto Pasta Nights. I'm a johnny-come-lately to this event, my first entry was only last year, but it's been running since March of 2007!

For this very special round-up, I decided to put a bit more effort in than my usual boiled-pasta-plus-a-sauce, and made some gnocchi. I used this recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for goat's cheese gnocchi, but instead of the walnuts in brown butter, I sauteed roughly chopped watercress and garlic in a little butter and added some cherry tomatoes and a little lemon juice to finish. The only other thing I did differently was to push the potatoes through a ricer, to keep the gnocchi light, rather than mash them.

It was, I think, the most successful batch of gnocchi I have ever made. Perfect texture, with just the most subtle flavour of goat's cheese. The walnut sauce sounded delicious but richer than I wanted! By adding the watercress and tomatoes, I didn't need to make a salad to go with it.

So, thank you to Ruth for all her efforts with this event over the last 290 weeks, and thanks to all of the guest hosts along the way.


Caroline said...

They look fabulous. I have been meaning to participate in PPN for so long now, but have ultimately left it too late! I really want to try gnocchi but have the 'pan-of-potato-slop' fear - I'm sure mine would disintegrate but yours look perfect, and your sauce sounds lovely, and perfectly complementary to the gnocchi.

Ruth Daniels said...

I'm like Caroline, always worried that my gnocchi would be a plan of slop, but this one is worthy of another try. Thanks so much for being a great PPNer for the last year.

You can always find the entire set of roundups and all their dishes right here -

Joanne said...

No matter how late you jumped into the party, I'm sure Ruth was glad to have you! your gnocchi are beautiful!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Caroline - seriously I think creating lead bombs is more of a risk than them disintegrating!

Ruth - thank you!

Jo - thanks! And they tasted wonderful too.

The Cat's Mother said...

I must try my hand at gnocchi

Cuisine de Provence said...

Looks delicious, I am going to prepare spinach and ricotta gnocchi tomorrow.

Simona Carini said...

You have a nice Italian flag of colors on that plate ;) I must try this recipe: it sounds intriguing and your rendition makes it even more so.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Mother - you should. There are 2 restaurants in Sydney where I have had better gnocchi than I can make at home. It is definitely worthwhile!

Cuisine de Provence - yum!

Simona - I did think that it worked out as a good tricolore when I took the picture!


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