Wednesday 15 August 2012

Deep-fried chicken wings al ajillo - best wings ever

As much as I love a buffalo wing (and I really do), I may never eat another one. Not because of the clear health benefits of avoiding deepfried chicken in a sweet and salty sauce, dipped in blue cheese, sadly, but simply because I have found something even better.

These Andalucian treats feature in José Pizarro's new book, apparently, and if all the dishes in the book are as good as this, then I want it! This recipe was in the paper last weekend though - I do like this sort of teaser. Hard to buy a cookbook without them, I think.

Deep-frying in batches
The wings are simply fried (no flour, no batter, just straight in the oil), then they are drained on paper and drizzled with a sauce of garlic, chilli, pimenton and sherry vinegar and sprinkled with salt.

Possibly not very good for proper tapas-style eating (I couldn't possibly manage to look sophisticated and keep myself clean in a public place while eating these!) but as a totally delicious snack amongst close friends they are ideal. And very, very juicy. Salty, spicy, a little bit sour and a little bit smoky, they cry out for cold beer, or chilled sherry. I think the sauce would also be delicious on sauteed potatoes.

Best wings ever
As a bonus, the trimmed wingtips made a nice little pot of good chicken stock, to squirrel away in the freezer  for risottos.


Faux Fuchsia said...

Magic! added you to my blog roll x

The Silver Bunny said...

Love your blog ! I have just looked up "pimenton" on google ; I suppose it could be replaced by something else if I can't find it ?

grace said...

you are SO right about the futility of eating wings in a classy way. i've long since given up. this sounds like an awesome preparation, especially since there's no dredging to worry about!
by the way, happy 5 years!

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Oh my, those are great recipe teasers. Thanks for sharing the link!

Hotly Spiced said...

What great looking wings. I love wings too but don't often have them because they're so high in calories and also it's hard to look dignified while eating them. I'd love to try this lighter version xx

Bettina Douglas said...

these look perfect and make buffalo wings seem like overkill on flavours


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