Saturday 27 September 2008

Date Night

I've said before that we have a problem with Friday nights - I finish at 4 and therefore have to kill quite a lot of time without buying shoes if we want to go out in London.

So last night, in traditional fashion, I had a manicure (purple this time) and found a champagne bar to while away my time with a bellini (and then a bottle of perfectly chilled Piper Heidseick - Paul had joined me by this time so I was only 4 drinks ahead of him).
And then, we ate bbq. It's only been a week since I first heard of Bodean's BBQ on Gemma's blog but the thought off pork has been occupying most of my waking moments.

The dining room downstairs was fairly empty, but a waiter assured us that all the tables were spoken for and there was an hour wait for them. So we went back upstairs and stared fixedly at a couple until they felt uncomfortable and left us their seats at the crowded, buzzy bar.

There was some baseball game playing on the big screens, but I couldn't hear it and had to turn to see it, so I didn't feel overwhelmed by sports. Which is a good thing, because I would avoid it if it was a "real" sports bar.

The deli menu had a lot of things that interested me and I certainly have to go back for a smoked sausage hotdog and (probably on another occasion) a meatloaf sandwich. But last night I wanted ribs. I ordered a spare ribs and pulled pork combo. In no time at all I was confronted by a paper-covered cafeteria tray covered with a mound of pulled pork, a rack of 5 ribs, a mound of really nice chips (or should I call them freedom fries?) coleslaw (thank god they put that in a bowl, could have been messy) and a bit of slightly spicy mayo.

I have to say the pulled pork was a bit dry. I needed to give it a pretty big slurp of the Carolina-style bbq sauce (not as good as mine) to lubricate it. And I do think it'd be better in a sandwich than just in a pile. But the ribs were great. Sweet and smokey and porky with just the right amount of glaze. Paul was very proud that I managed not to get any in my hair while I inhaled them. He had a combo which included a 1/4 chicken which he said was pretty good, if not a meal he will remember to his dying day.

So. Not your first choice for an intimate date (although the couple at the bar next to us seemed OK using it as a venue for their break up) but really good for a reasonably-priced Friday night. And I think it'd be great for lunch.


Ryan said...

Sounds like good bbq food!

They are called chips (to me anyway), not French fries and most definitely not Freedom Fries!!

NKP said...

As Canadians we are fine with both chips and fries.
I like the sound of your date. I am all for being 4 drinks ahead, especially on bellinis.
I am a shopper too - not shoes, I wear crocs until they fill up with snow - but anything kitcheny.
Cute nails!

Bettina Douglas said...

We seem to specialise in sitting next to the couple / family who have brought their issues to ventilate loudly in a public place.
After many episodes of indigestion brought on by the surrounding unpleasantness (sometimes at expensive eateries)we now ask to be moved or even speak to the offenders and ask them to desist.
It is the height of bad manners I think.

Esi said...

A manicure and a bellini? Sounds like a great start to the night! Nice, casual dinner sound great to me!

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Yes, yes...cute nails. The purple is pretty.

Dry BBQ is so sad. Just thinking about it makes my throat dry.

I am a food snob and I'll send it back if it's not right. We can talk all day about food service/quality, but I took my time to come in to eat can take the time to do it right.

I'm glad you had a good date. :) Sounds like you had a nice time out.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Love the hot purple nails! ;-) I would say chips (cause it just sounds better!) but no one would understand what I meant here so it's plain old fries!

Alicia Foodycat said...

They are called chips to me too, Ryan! But y'know, American-themed food & all.

Natashya, from what I hear the Canadians have lifted chips to an art form with that poutine!

Fortunately the bar was so loud I really had to strain to hear the breakup! I love eavesdropping. But somewhere nicer and I'd ask to be moved.

Nik, if we'd been downstairs in the "nice" bit I'd have sent it back. But in a noisy, fast-food sports bar I don't bother. It'd be like sending a Big Mac back for being dry.

Peter M said...

I like you...4 drinks into the night and you've only just begun!

mscrankypants said...

I agree with Peter M's comments, and damn fine drinks you chose, too.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Well it was over about 3 hours! 2 glasses of champagne while they did my nails, 1 bellini and 1 glass of champagne before my husband pitched at the wine bar. Quite modest really...

Cranky, I am firmly in Churchill's camp that champagne goes with everything!


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