Friday 4 July 2008

Great Queen Street (yet again)

I know - you are beginning to get the impression that I only go to 3 restaurants. Which isn't really true... But there are only a few that I jump at the opportunity to go to. So when a friend said she was taking the week off work and would I be up for a lunch I said hell yes. And when she said she wanted to try GQS I said HELL YES and booked an afternoon off work. We were planning to head into Borough Market after lunch, so I didn't burden myself with a camera, hence dodgy phone pics.

To start with, we had glasses of fresh strawberry and prosecco fizz. I was conflicted with the menu. Not by the main - the Hereford beef burger (served pink) on dripping toast with parsley salad and pickled walnut was on the menu. But by the starter. Gazpacho? Crab on toast? A complicated but delicious sounding pressed tongue dish? I opted for duck ham with sour prunes. And it was a very good plan! The duck ham was delicious, and the jammy, vinegary prunes were perfect.

A brief pause and then we launched into pudding. I made Kim order the muscat caramel custard, because I had raved so much and I had gooseberries with rosewater and meringue. The gooseberries were perfect with a magnificent meringue, absolutely plain cream (what does possess some people to sweeten cream that is going with meringue?). No obvious rosewater but I think that is a good thing - if you can tell it is there I think you are doing it wrong.

All up, a fantastic lunch, but then we got a cab to the market and discovered that shopping when stuffed to the gills is as bad an idea as shopping hungry. So hard to get inspired. I bought some fresh green peppercorns and some samphire, but they are for another day's posting.


Heather said...

Wow, what an outstanding meal! I've been thinking about trying to do my own charcuterie because I keep hearing about people making duck prosciutto and duck salami (and I found a cheap source for duck at the Asian market).

I tend to go to the same couple of restaurants too. I just have my favorites, s'all. And I totally agree about shopping when stuffed.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Duck salami would be lovely - I have had duck neck sausage and that was very good, but I think the salami flavourings would do well.


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