Sunday 8 June 2008

Dim Sum

Yesterday afternoon my husband came home with a bottle of Bollinger. Which was very nice, but I was very hungry and it totally scuttled my plans of going for a late lunch to the pub.

So I ferreted around for something quick to eat. A friend on a forum had posted a recipe for her lup cheong omelette and since I had eggs, lup cheong and spring onions, I threw it together.

Bob's Lup Cheong Omelette

Slice your lap cheong finely on the diagonal, chop the spring onions (including the green parts, do NOT discard!). Beat the eggs, season with fish sauce, soy sauce and pepper (I like white but you could use ground black). Get the wok smoking hot (yeah baby), quickly stirfry the lap cheong and onions but don't let them burn. Then add the eggs, swirl them around the pan so that they don't get thick, move the edges into the middle and the middle to the edges so that it's nice and wrinkly and thin, and the sausage gets distributed evenly. Roll it/fold it over when the top is still slightly runny so that the centre will be soft. Serve. It all takes about 2 minutes.

The only variations I made were mixing the sliced spring onions with the eggs, so they stayed quite raw and fresh-tasting, and added a couple of sliced green chillies. It didn't roll particularly well because I used loads of sausage, but it tasted brilliant.

But after hoovering down the omelette, we were both still hungry, so I stayed with the dim sum theme (can't really call it yum cha, since we were drinking champagne) and put some frozen dumplings in the steamer. We had prawn har gau and pork shao mai left from the last Wing Yip visit, so even though there were more than we really needed, it would have been rude not to finish them. I did my usual soy, red vinegar and sesame oil dipping sauce, but instead of adding chilli sauce for heat I added a spoonful of roasted chilli oil. It added a wonderful smokey flavour.

As you can imagine, the planned BBQ chicken dinner did not take place.


mscrankypants said...

Could there be a lovelier surprise than a bottle of Bollinger? Hurrah to Mr Foodycat!

shu shu said...

I am so looking forward to trying bob's omelette recipe!


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