Monday, 12 January 2015

New Year's Indulgence: white truffle

That's what 10g white truffles looks like
After our experiment last year with summer truffles, we were pretty keen to have a go with the much-more-expensive delicacy. As Christmas/New Year provides a good opportunity to be extravagant, we decided to forego our traditional New Year's Eve fondue and eat truffles instead.

A 10g chunk of white gold was duly delivered on the 30th and tucked into a sealed jar of arborio rice over night.

I made a simple white risotto, using some of the poultry broth from our Christmas goose, white wine and a couple of baby leeks. As the final enrichment I beat in some beautiful taleggio cheese. Then I grated a generous pile of truffle shavings over each portion. The aroma was utterly gorgeous. A very delicious and indulgent way to say good bye to the old year.

Of course, grated like that, a little piece of truffle goes a very long way, so there was a bit left over for lunch the following day. We welcomed the new year with a pizza, covered with more taleggio, buffalo mozzarella and finely sliced garlic, and when it was a beautiful bubbly golden brown, the rest of the truffle was grated on top.  


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i would love both of these. i really should find a white truffle and try these!

Joanne said...

Truffles and creamy things pair so perfectly. what a treat!

grace said...

i'm hesitant to try anything truffle-related because i think the flavor of mushrooms is disgusting. is it very similar? i'd hate to waste my hard-earned money on something i didn't like!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Jaz - it was such a lovely treat!

Joanne - they really do. And anything with melted cheese is, of course, a winner!

Grace - if it is the earthy flavour of mushrooms that you find disgusting, I really don't think you'll be a fan! It's not *very* similar but it is clearly from the same family.

Rachel said...

You got some lovely photos of some hard-to-photograph foods in the white palette range. Well done. And now I want to head to the kitchen and cook up something mushroomy. Love this post.


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