Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween 2014

We don't really celebrate Halloween, or Samhain, but there are some traditions and archetypes that we think are important. Marking the coming winter, celebrating light in darkness, observing the passing of the summer.

This year I have carved my traditional cat pumpkin, we feasted on winter squash filled with pancetta, porcini, garlic, gruyere, white wine and cream, and in a bit we shall have a dessert of pear, quince and apple tart, with a glass of mead. We might raise a glass to our ancestors and be thankful for the bounty of the year.
This tart did not work out how I intended - but it'll still taste good!
Happy Halloween!
Sun salutation


Kavey said...

Another fine pumpkin cat!

The Cat's Mother said...

Terrific lantern, well done. Nice meal as well.

grace said...

your pumpkin is AWESOME! nicely done.


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