Tuesday 25 February 2014

Old-school sweet and sour pork

Recently I have been craving vulgar, bright pink, gloopy, old-school sweet and sour pork. We're not eating out much at the moment, so I knew I was going to have to make it myself, to satisfy the craving.

Only trouble is, that most of the recipes that came up in my search were "improved" stirfries of lean pork fillet with a bit of pineapple and soya sauce. Not at all what I was after. It had to be deepfried and probably contain ketchup.

I turned, of course, to the Australian Women's Weekly.

I didn't make it exactly as written - I thought adding mushrooms sounded weird and there was way more meat per portion than necessary, so I increased the red peppers, decreased the meat and added some chilli for a little kick. It was just what I needed. Less pink (I couldn't bring myself to add food colouring) and less aggressively sugary and acidic, it had all the charm and comfort of the gloopy original, but, even though I say it myself, a bit nicer.


Tracy W said...

Ah someone else who gets weird food cravings!

Velva said...

Oh wow! You indeed satisfied your craving.


Barbara said...

Sweet and sour pork was one of my husband's favorite dishes. We knew a Chinese couple when in the Air Force many years ago and she gave me a nice recipe, very basic, very tasty. The pork wasn't deep fried, just pan fried and I after looking at your photo, I bet that makes a big difference flavor-wise. Yum.

Joanne said...

Homemade is always best! Glad you satisfied your craving. :)

grace said...

i can't imagine this with a pink tint to it--it looks much more appetizing this way!


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