Saturday 24 January 2009

Hey, that's not Singapore

Our plans hit a slight snag when we tried to fly out of Australia. While we queued, we could see a piece of paper being passed down the line. Not a message on a screen, not an announcement over the loudspeaker. A piece of paper. Telling us that our flight had been cancelled and we would be shuttled to a hotel.

When we (eventually) got to said hotel, we fortified ourselves in the bar with nachos and champagne. Nachos are a brilliant bar snack - I don't know why you don't see them more in the UK. But it is a good thing we did, because to add insult to injury, our "complimentary" buffet dinner was inedible. So we went back to the room, watched Iron Chef's Lettuce Battle and From Russia With Love. And crossed our fingers in hope that the next day we'd be in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

When travelling, there's nothing worse than being trapped by a cancelled flight. I feel your pain!

I despise buffets as well. But Nachos? That's another story!


kat said...

Its like someone was afraid to tell you the flight was cancelled

MrOrph said...

That sux!

And how rude...the passing of paper? WTF?

Joie de vivre said...

I agree with Kat, did they not speak English? What was up with the piece of paper?

Esi said...

A piece of paper?? I love that you "fortified" yourself with the nachos (excellent bar food) and champagne (my drink of choice)

Bettina Douglas said...

What is with the piece of paper? Very shabby.

Did they pay for the champagne? Hope so. Buffets are dodgy at any time (I recall your aunt's stories of Baygon on the centrepiece) but even more so after a string of public holidays - nothing would be fresh.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Meryl - the nachos were the only thing that made it OK.

Kat - I got that impression too!

MrOrph - you would have thought they could manage a piece of paper for each of us!

Joie - they spoke English OK. Not all the passengers did though. Don't know how they figured out what was going on.

Esi - we'd planned to have something to eat when we got through security, so it was 5pm and we'd not eaten since breakfast.

Mother - that's Qantas for you these days. They didn't pay for any booze. They covered the room, the buffet, breakfast (almost as bad) and a phonecall to the value of $30 to let people know where you were.


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