Sunday 2 March 2008

Truffled celeriac mash

After the lovely celeriac and truffle soup at Gilpin Lodge, I have been a bit keen on putting those flavours together myself - and last night had the opportunity. We go through phases where we cook loads of steak, but we haven't recently (and the few we have done lately have been dire; M&S needs to hire some proper butchers) and my husband decided that it was time for us to have a proper steak. He went into a huddle with the butcher, and emerged with the most enormous rump steaks I have seen. I can't imagine how large the animal must have been! They were cut about 3/4 inch thick, and were of a rich purpley colour. Only one would fit in our pan - and a good thing too, because there was no way we could eat any more than that.

When you have a really nice piece of meat, the accompaniments need to be good too. A warm green bean and cherry tomato salad in mustard dressing (I think the dressing is originally a River Cafe recipe - just Dijon mustard and lemon juice to make it runny) and truffled celeriac mash seemed to be just the thing. The mash was wonderful! I just peeled and diced the celeriac, boiled it in lightly salted water until tender, then mashed it with a potato masher (doesn't get it smooth, at home I like a rough textured mash, but if you like it smooth you can use a food processor, celeriac doesn't go to glue the way potatoes do) and stirred through 5 or 6 slices of truffle along with a slurp of the oil they were packed in. The steak turned out to be magnificent - very well flavoured with the most buttery texture - so the whole thing was very successful. In fact, we may do it all again tonight.

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