Sunday 9 March 2008

Dinner Menu Debriefing

I haven't actually cleaned up the kitchen yet (it's wonderful living in a country where cockroaches are not a problem) but I thought I would debrief on how dinner went.

The guacamole was wonderful, although it needed more chilli. Such deceptive things! The other chilli from the same package contained the fires of the sun, so I was really wary with this one and it was barely warm. Big thumbs up to Doritos for their "touch of lime" flavour tortilla chips. I was drinking Carl Jung brut de-alcoholised bubbly (trying to cut down on alcohol consumption and corresponding calorie intake) which was very pleasant really. I've definitely had worse sparkling wines.

My pork was excellent, although the crackling wasn't up to my usual standard. I think there was just too much liquid in the tin. But very flavoursome. Gee that fennel pollen is a wonderful ingredient! The potato celeriac boulangere was very good too. And sugar snaps are always wonderful unless they are overcooked.

The pudding was a disaster. I reached the point where it said "Chill in fridge for 2 hours. Whip the mousse with an electric beater until it peaks" and there was no chance at all of it peaking. It wasn't even thickening slightly. I started to panic. I put a few spoonfuls of the mixture back into a small pan and melted the rest of the box of mints into it, and added a leaf of gelatine, beat it back into the rest of the mixture and chilled it again. Still not the slightest sign of thickening. So it went into ramekins and into the freezer and was served as chocolate mint icecream pots. Even so, quite unrewarding. Not a particularly strong mint flavour and very sweet - although the texture was lovely. I had 4 spare pots, so 2 went home with our friend and 2 will sit in our freezer until a day when I crave sugar.


SSS said...

They can't have been that bad if your friend took two of them home!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Her husband will eat anything as long as it is chocolate! You are right though, it wasn't too bad, just not what I was hoping for.


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