Saturday 22 July 2017

Clearing the freezer - we're getting there, honestly

"Baguette" more or less
Well, this is all inordinately stressful. The builders went quiet on us for a couple of weeks as the date we have to vacate this house got closer and closer and we weren't getting any answers as to when we would be able to move in to the new place. We have, finally, more or less got a plan. Not a very good one, but it may actually be workable.
charcuterie platter
And emptying the fridge/freezer/pantry carries on apace. I can't remember if I posted about the 5kg bag of chapatti flour that I bought, mistakenly thinking it was 500g. Anyway, there is still quite a lot of flour in it. I followed my usual King Arthur baguette recipe, but using a mixture of strong white, plain light brown and chapatti flour. It ended up with a tighter crumb than usual, but it was just the thing with a charcuterie plate (which also used up some potted wild boar from the freezer and pickled cherries from the pantry).
Teacakes - using up flour, dried cherries and sultanas
Basically I am refusing to cook anything at the moment that doesn't clear out a jar, packet or freezer bag.
More robust than the bought ones, still good to convey butter
Porky stew, using pork jowl, chicken stock and lentils
Thai-ish mussel stew using frozen mussels, sambal paste, coconut milk and chicken broth
Calamondin iced tea - using lots of frozen calamondins
This biryani was actually inspired by the book I am reading at the moment - Chasing the Dram. Rachel makes a pretty solid argument for drinking whisky and soda with curry meals and includes Mallika Basu's venison biryani recipe. And it just so happened that I had some venison in the freezer. Not enough, though, but I also had some goat steaks in the freezer, so mine was a mixed goat and venison biryani. Honestly, I couldn't taste any difference between the meats. It was very good - although next time I will cook the rice almost completely before I layer it. There wasn't enough liquid included to cook the rice properly, so I had to add more and the bottom bit ended up a bit mushy.
Game biryani
Trifle - using chocolate cake trimmings from the freezer and finishing a bottle of Chambord
Sort of Chinese claypot affair, using up chicken, Chinese sausage, pudding rice and chestnuts
Cherry pie

Using the final bag of frozen cherries, the remnants of the bag of dried sour cherries and a jar of cherries in brandy


grace said...

i feel like everyone should do an exercise like this at least once in their lives! you're being so creative and i love it.

Anonymous said...

I genuinely dread the idea of moving because clearing out the pantry will be so daunting...It's great that you managed to be so creative. I have one of those enormous bags of chapatti flour too...


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