Tuesday 7 April 2015

Pared-down pizza rustica

As well as my Scandinavian-inspired breakfast buns, I decided to make a savoury pie for snacking on over the Easter weekend. Most of the Italian-American pizza rustica recipes I found have at least an inch-thick layer of cold meats, which I decided was a bit over the top. So I made a slightly more restrained version.

Mine was a shortcrust pastry case, with a bottom layer of spinach and mozzarella, bound with an egg. Then layers of mortadella, proscuitto and soppressata. Then a layer of ricotta and smoked semi-dried tomatoes, bound with another egg and seasoned with nutmeg.

It compressed as it cooled, which was good for slicing but left a big gap between the filling and the top of the pastry. But it tasted good.


Joanne said...

You loaded up this pizza rustica real good!!

Sue/the view from great island said...


grace said...

this looks really, really good to me right now! great execution. :)


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