Thursday, 20 February 2014

Other Blogger's Dishes

While I've not been enormously creative in the kitchen lately, I haven't stopped cooking (or eating). So it's either been tried-and-tested meals (fish tacos, roast chicken) or dishes that I have spotted on other blogs.

Eatori's "slow carb" toad in the hole, featuring chickpea flour. Couldn't get cevapci, so used venison sausages instead. Tasty and extremely filling
Easy Korean beef on rice, from Juanita's Cucina, with quick kimchi from Use Real Butter. A bit too salty, even though I didn't add any extra. Very tasty meal though!
Meemalee's Burmese-style gong bao chicken. This was SO delicious I am recommending it all over the place. The spinach and mushroom side dish was her idea too. I added a handful of cashew nuts which weren't in the recipe but added a nice extra crunch.
Citrus & Candy's Assam laksa.
I had to make a few modifications, because I couldn't get dried tamarind peel, laksa leaf or prawn paste, and it turned out we didn't have quite enough tamarind paste. But this soup was so delicious - and much lower in calories than the more commonly found coconutty version.
A Southern Grace's raspberry coconut slice. This is another one that I have been recommending all over the place. Do try it, as a special treat.
I used some lovely Artisan Kitchen raspberry and chocolate jam, which Paul got for his birthday, although there wasn't quite enough of it. And because the sweetened moist coconut that the recipe calls for is hard to come by over here I just used desiccated - next time I'd add an egg to help bind the base, I think. It'd also be delicious with fresh raspberries or sour cherries added at the same time as the condensed milk, I think.


Faux Fuchsia said...

these look SO GOOD! might try the slice. Are you warm? xx

Alicia Foodycat said...

Warm but wet! The weather is insane. Do try the slice - It's like a ridiculous cherry ripe.

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Assam laksa is my favourite type of laksa. Glad you like it!

grace said...

i'm so glad you liked those bars! your choice of jam couldn't have been better. :)


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