Sunday 14 July 2013

Rhubarb and ginger jam

I'm in Australia at the moment - but I have a few posts scheduled while I figure out the nitty gritty of getting pictures onto my laptop etc. So there may be some irregularity in posting for the next while but at the moment I don't know!

After I made the lovely crystallised ginger, I was wondering what else I could do with it. I realised that I hadn't had any rhubarb yet this year, so I decided to make rhubarb and ginger jam.
I used this recipe, but as I had only 750g rhubarb I didn't make a full quantity. And I used 700g sugar because I prefer a slightly less-sweet jam. I got a very firm set after 12 minutes cooking, and it has a really delicious, firey and tangy flavour.

Of course, having made 4 pots of jam I then needed to decide what to do with that. Other than eat it on toast, which of course I did.

One pot of jam I swapped for a lovely loaf of banana nut bread, through the delicious. magazine food swap group on Facebook. You haven't lived until you've sidled up to a stranger at Kings Cross station and said "You after some jam?".

I also made some jam thumbprint cookies. These were a bit of a gamble, because I thawed out some cookie dough from the freezer but couldn't actually remember what kind of cookies it was. One day I will start labelling food for the freezer more accurately, but today is not that day. When the cookies baked to an odd glossy sheen I realised that it must have been cream cheese snickerdoodle dough. The slight tang of the cream cheese went very nicely with the jam.

And I made a not-100%-successful Charlotte Russe. I dunked savoiardi biscuits in Pedro Ximenez sherry and used them to line the edges of a 6" springform tin. Then I made a buttermilk bavarois mixture, flavouring 2/3 of it with vanilla and rosewater and 1/3 with the rhubarb jam. I layered it and let it set and then topped it with more jam. The flavours were excellent, but I buggered up the proportions of gelatine in the bavarois so it was a little too firmly set and a bit rubbery. There also wasn't enough cream to biscuit, so it was a touch on the dry side.

Still - the concept was good and I have enough biscuits and enough jam to have another go.


Faux Fuchsia said...

looks delicious see you Tues!

Unknown said...

This sounds like a winner, love that unique combination of ingredients!

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Haha, the shifty swapping experience sounds kinda fun! I like the look of those jam cookies.

grace said...

how clever of you to come up with so many different ways to use your delicious jam! my mouth, it does water. :)

Joanne said...

I want to spread this jam all over everything! It sounds SO good!

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