Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The simple things.

We eat a lot of very simple meals. Most of the time it's not following a recipe, it's just seeing what is in the fridge and figuring out how to get that to be a meal with the least possible time, effort and aggravation. I think most people could figure these out on their own - but some ideas anyway.
Barbecued leftovers become lentil soup, given a lift with a spoonful of mustard
Made using Felicity Cloake's method
A packet of squid tubes and a sole in the freezer very quickly become fritto misto. With a tomato salad and the ajillo sauce recipe from those chicken wings, it's a meal with very little effort.

Pork chops and potatoes
Pork chops with potatoes is a one-pot meal for 2 people. Or 4, in a bigger pot. I used sherry instead of white wine and the whole house was fragrant.

Roast chicken - classic and comforting
Roast chicken (roast anything) isn't difficult. It doesn't take a lot of effort. You just stick a nice piece of meat or poultry in the oven with some veg and seasoning and take it out when you want to eat it. While it rests, I microwave some greens. Less than 5 minutes work for a magnificent meal and really gorgeous leftovers.
Anything with samphire looks fancier than it is

Fish is always good for a simple meal. A piece of haddock, fried in a knob of butter while some little potatoes are boiling and some veg is in the microwave. Then whisk some capers, garlic and lemon juice into the pan juices. Doesn't matter if it falls apart, it's delicious.


The Squishy Monster said...

How right you are! Like you, I like a simple piece of protein with a spruced pile of veggies really is the simple things in life that help you really see what's important =)

tori said...

I think I need that mantra on a t towel 'anything with samphire looks fancier than it is'. So true. But so tasty also...

Yasmeen said...

I completely agree with you that sometimes, simple is best. Your roast chicken and description of the sauteed haddock has made me hungry!!

Susan said...

A good rule for the kitchen: anything with samphire looks fancier than it is. (It's one of the reasons I use it -- that and the lovely crunch!)

Alicia Foodycat said...

Squishy monster - what a great name you have!

Tori - that's a great idea for an Etsy shop! Kitchen mantras!

Yasmeen - you can't beat chicken, can you?

Susan - the salty crunch is so delicious!


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