Thursday, 24 May 2012

Left. Over. Roger - stuff with chicken

I really enjoyed last month's inaugural Left.Over.Roger challenge hosted by Carla at Can Be Bribed With Food. I do like a blogging event where I don't have to make an extra effort, just cook as I usually do and remember to take a picture.

This month, we had a leftover chicken breast and wing from a roast chicken.
Leftover roast chicken - I'd pretty much picked the brown crispy bits off it already. Cook's perk.
We also had a large bowlful of a light chicken stock, made from the carcass and jellied juices of the roast chicken and a few odds & ends of carrot, celery and onion. Stock made this way is never going to be the absolutely most flavourful liquid, but it gives depth and body to dishes in a way that plain water or a stock cube doesn't.
Light chicken broth

 The night after the roast chicken, the leftover breast meat and about half the broth cuddled up to a handful of mushrooms, a couple of leeks and some arborio rice in a risotto. To give that nice mantecato finish, I stirred a big knob of butter and bigger handful of grated parmesan in at the end.
Chicken, mushroom and leek risotto

Then the night after the risotto, the rest of the broth joined some chickpeas, chorizo, yellow peppers, spring greens and a can of crushed tomatoes to make a sort of broth-y, stew-y, minestrone-y thing with Spanish flavours. There was a tiny amount of risotto left, so I chucked that in at the end to provide a bit of thickening for the broth, then squeezed some lemon juice over to brighten the flavours. It's hard to go wrong when chorizo is in the equation - this was definitely the most successful dish of our chicken run.
Sort of Spanish-y minestrone sort of affair


Kavey said...

Chicken risotto is one of the things we look forward to the night after roast chicken dinner, made with the met and stock and sometimes with leeks or spring onions or peas... but often just the chicken.
Sooooo good!

Ben said...

Great event. I need to check it out since I'm always in need of ideas to cook leftovers.

kat said...

Having a roast chicken on hand is one of the best treasures in te kitchen!

GingerSnap said...

Oh wow, that risotto looks delicious!

Foodycat said...

Kavey - peas is a good idea!

Ben - do get behind it! It's early days and needs some momentum.

Kat - one of our favourites, too.

Gingersnap - thanks!

Simona said...

I like making chicken stock because it's such a great ingredient in risotto and soups. Chicken, mushroom and leek risotto sounds very nice.


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