Thursday, 3 February 2011

Public Service Announcement

You may know of Jacob's Creek wines. They have a slightly naff reputation (Oh, how we laughed when a friend returned from a European tour with an air of sophistication and a stated preference for Jacob's Creek) but none the less provide a perfectly acceptable wine for the price point. Trustworthy, when you don't recognise anything else on the bottle-o shelf.

Since the branch of Threshers on the corner closed (landlord hiked up the rent), we've been thrown on the mercies of the local convenience store, which only stocks a limited range of wine, so we've been drinking quite a lot of Jacob's Creek.

The shiraz-cabernet blend - very pleasant. Quite light, for an Australian shiraz, and exceedingly drinkable.

The semillon-chardonnay - again, very pleasant and extremely drinkable. I suspect we will go through a few of these as the weather warms up.

And then there is the pinot grigio. Dear god, the pinot grigio. I took a sip and screamed "What the fuck is that?". I thought Paul had poured me a glass of pear cider and diluted it with lemon cordial. The only "wine" I have ever tasted that was as bad was Passion Pop, served at a pyjama party when I was old enough to know better. The tasting notes on the bottle say "A light to medium bodied wine with fresh lemon and pear fruit flavours with crisp green apple notes", so sadly it appears that pear cider diluted with lemon cordial was actually the effect they were going for. Utterly vile. Be on your guard. If you see this wine, do not approach it; back away and alert the authorities. There must be some sort of official body responsible for stamping out this sort of horror.


Rachel said...

Good God! Pear cider diluted with lemon cordial. Sounds horrible and I will keep an eye out for it. My hubby is famous for coming home with an armload of $3 white wine from the discount cart at the wine store and it was just undrinkable, once one wrestled all the gnarly bits of rotten cork out with a butter knife.

Thanks for the PSA.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Well, two out of three isn't bad I guess. ;-)

The Cat's Mother said...

Gives pinot grigio a bad name - the Australians are still working on the wine style, but there are some lovely ones.
Pity about losing your good bottle shop.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Rachel - at least it had a cork & not a plastic bung!

Deb - that made it even more of a shock.

Mother - it's very sad. We used to get a discount because Paul fixed Hash's computer!

Jude said...

Am pretty sure Thresher's itself has bitten the dust, not just your local.

Sounds gross though.

Heather said...

Ahahaha! Good ol' Jacob's Crick. It was my segue from Gato Negro to real wines. But I always stuck to the Shiraz, and it sounds like that was a smart decision.

Can't you buy cases of wine by mail-order? It's what folks who live in the middle of nowhere do around here.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Jude - Hash had a franchise that survived the decline of Threshers as an independent.

Heather - we find that we drink too much if we have a whole actual case in the house!

mscrankypants said...

Your Passion Pop memories remind me of West Coast Cooler and its relatives of the class of the very worst.

Can people online bring you boxes of wine?


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