Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Green Tomato Relish

This year - our third attempt - we finally managed to harvest some ripe tomatoes. Which I completely neglected to get a picture of. But then it started to get colder and we realised that we were going to have to harvest the remaining green tomatoes before frost got them.

So what to do with the green tomatoes? I decided to make some really simple green tomato and chilli relish.

I chopped the green tomatoes, a couple of onions and 4 ripe serrano chillies, and put them in a pan with some white wine vinegar, salt, sugar and celery seeds and cooked it until it was thick. Most of it I bottled to mature, but some got dolloped immediately onto thick, juicy cheeseburgers. Spicy, tangy and just how I like relish to be.


lapetitepipistrelle said...


That looks SO *delicious*—tangy and sharp, such a good foil for cheeseburgers—that makes me hungry for one, and this coming from a batlet who doesn't even normally enjoy burgers!

Hurrah for the tomato crop!

NKP said...

I ended up doing the same thing with my green tomatoes. Just with and Indian twist.
I love yours on the cheeseburgers!

kat said...

Good use of those green tomatoes. We ended up making ours into jam, there were just so many thins year.

George Gaston said...

Looks really tasty! Great way to store green tomatoes for the winter.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Pips - you don't normally enjoy burgers?!

Natashya - Indian twist sounds good!

Kat - We were just so pleased to get a chance to harvest!

George - thanks!

lapetitepipistrelle said...

Oh FC, not from lack of trying, 'tis just that I've not often found a *really* good burger! I don't mean those truffled Wagyu beef froufrou'd up extravaganzas... just an ordinary flavourful juicy number, preferably on warmed non-cottonwool bread!

Esi said...

That relish sounds really great! Making me hungry! Glad you got some good tomatoes this year.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Pips - I must say the burger chains here (Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Hamburger Union) do a really fantastic burger.

Esi - I'm going to have to have some more this weekend, to see how it is maturing.


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