Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy Halloween!

2016 cat pumpkin
 Yes, Halloween was last night. For the first time we actually laid in a supply of fun size Mars Bars in case of trick-or-treaters... only to have Paul panic in the face of human interaction and tell the only ones who knocked that we didn't have anything.

We also had a suitably autumnal dinner of pheasant cooked with cider and apples. It was very tasty, a Diana Henry recipe, but it looked extremely unappetising (I skinned the pheasant so that was all pale and the apples fell apart so it was a very gloopy beige plate). So instead, I present you with our dinner from Saturday night. Really simple venison nachos. Also nicely seasonal, and I think it'd make good party food, although we just had the plate between us on the sofa while we caught up on Graham Norton on iplayer.


grace said...

i'm the queen of making unappetizing-looking food! love diana henry, and your nachos look perfect. :)

Barbara said...

Can't count the times a dish turned out looking ghastly, but tasting great! Sometimes I post anyway, but more often not. The nachos look good, though...much as I love pheasant.


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